Lesson 1:1

Get organized!

I had every intention of keeping up with this blog. Life is life and it’s busy plus I’m not very organized. Never have been. That’s why I haven’t done anything on here for a long time. I think that’s why everything was so chaotic when I had 2 kids in less than two years. I was not organized AT ALL!! Plus children=chaos. Simple as that.

There’s so much clutter in my life. In my head and in my home. The head is hard to deal with and it will take time to get ALL THAT organized. So I’m gonna start with my home because in my experience if the home is decluttered and easy to deal with then it’s easier to deal with the mental clutter.

This month I am going to declutter my home. There are tons of resources online which maybe I can organize all in one place. (Still brand new at this blogging thing so I’m not sure how that works but I will se what I can do.) I’ve printed one of and have had it hanging in my kitchen for the last year. I will now try to tackle that list and let you know how that goes. Trying to teach AND learn all at the same time. Sign of a good teacher, right?!

So day by day I will declutter things from my home. Not sure how this will go but I will do my best.

Homework: grab a cup of coffee, sit down and figure out a plan to get organized this year.

Please stay tuned for my results to come at a later date. Thanks for reading and I hope you have been blessed and encouraged.

…..and maybe learned a little something??

With love and encouragement- Sara

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