Lesson 1:1

Get organized!

I had every intention of keeping up with this blog. Life is life and it’s busy plus I’m not very organized. Never have been. That’s why I haven’t done anything on here for a long time. I think that’s why everything was so chaotic when I had 2 kids in less than two years. I was not organized AT ALL!! Plus children=chaos. Simple as that.

There’s so much clutter in my life. In my head and in my home. The head is hard to deal with and it will take time to get ALL THAT organized. So I’m gonna start with my home because in my experience if the home is decluttered and easy to deal with then it’s easier to deal with the mental clutter.

This month I am going to declutter my home. There are tons of resources online which maybe I can organize all in one place. (Still brand new at this blogging thing so I’m not sure how that works but I will se what I can do.) I’ve printed one of and have had it hanging in my kitchen for the last year. I will now try to tackle that list and let you know how that goes. Trying to teach AND learn all at the same time. Sign of a good teacher, right?!

So day by day I will declutter things from my home. Not sure how this will go but I will do my best.

Homework: grab a cup of coffee, sit down and figure out a plan to get organized this year.

Please stay tuned for my results to come at a later date. Thanks for reading and I hope you have been blessed and encouraged.

…..and maybe learned a little something??

With love and encouragement- Sara



This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. Ever have one of those? It’s been one of those years actually. Decades? Lifetime, really.Sad woman, studio shot I’ve struggled with depression since my early teens so I’m used to the roller coaster emotions. I had postpartum depression pretty bad too. Lately I’ve been pretty sad but I can tell a difference. When I’m depressed it’s an all consuming sadness and just a struggle to enjoy life. I can pinpoint that sadness.
I stayed home with my children since they were born. I worked a few years part time in between but I was taking care of them full time. Both of my children are now in school. I felt led to stay home while they go to school and work on the house-all the things that get ignored while you have little children in the house. So I decided to stay home this year.   To-Do List Everything Dry Erase Board Overworked Stress
I had a vision of how this year would go but I did not plan it out very well. I wrote down a few things….i have no idea where those papers are but I did write stuff down. Because my house is so disorganized and I’m a terrible housekeeper I can’t seem to get done what I want to.  Plus I’m really lazy. Can you relate?
So the stress of not knowing where to start. Not going to the Lord in prayer. And not having the responsibility to constantly care for someone else gives a person a lot of time to think. I’m not a naturally organized person. Kind of a free spirit I guess. But this is where I’m at. This is the life I chose, this is where God has me.  Maybe I thought it would be easier. I don’t know but I’ve been freaking out lately. Overwhelmed woman
But today I did something that I don’t normally do….I voiced my concern and asked for help. Wow! Amazing idea, right?  So I talked to my husband and we hashed out a general plan. Now I have things written down and a schedule. It’s not a detailed calendar or anything but it’s a start.  It’s hard when you have to make your own schedule and overwhelmed with your responsibilities. So it’s good to have things written down.  So I’m gonna try to put together a schedule and get organized.
So I’m tired. And I need to go to bed at a decent hour because I’m trying to be a responsible adult. Yuck! I don’t even like saying it. But I am a grown up and I’m going to act like it. With the Lords help I will make it through. More on scheduling next week. But for now I’m going to see if this new schedule works for me. Thanks for reading. Peace and God bless!

The most important job in the world.

So, it’s a beautiful sunny 60 degree day here in Minnesota……in February!! Happy Young Woman Jumping Over Blue SkyWhat??? Is this some cruel joke?!?! I know I should be enjoying this beautiful weather but come on, it’s still winter!! This is Minnesota people. Winter is NOT over. I put my coat on to go outside today because…’s WINTER!! I’m sweating just sitting in my car. But in a few days we’re supposed to have a giant snowstorm and get like 12 inches of snow.  It’s like someone giving you ice cream cone and taking it away after a couple of licks.  I just know that someone is going to steal my ice cream. Not cool, man, not cool. Wahhhhh!!!!!
In all seriousness I am enjoying this weather. So thankful for the sunshine! My children and I are now going to play outside.
We’ll that lasted about 10 minutes.
I just don’t know what to do outside. And if I’m being honest I just don’t enjoy the outdoors as much as I think I should. Plus we live in the city so how much can you do when your backyard is concrete and old piles of wood?!? Parent fail! It really does feel like a fail. But you know what? Like most women I think I’m too hard on myself. My kids aren’t gonna become lazy bums who sit and watch tv all day because I didn’t make going outside the most exciting thing ever.   I do think it is good to evaluate yourself every now and then, not dwell on, just think about things you could be doing better… knowing some good outdoor activities. So I will try to commit some idea to memory.
Never dwell on mistakes. Do what needs to be done and don’t beat yourself up and move on. If we learn from our “failures” that’s a good thing.
Hope to hear from anyone reading. Thanks and God bless!

There should be a Mom school!!

  Lately, I’ve been a little overwhelmed with this whole parenting thing. I’ve been thinking, why is it so hard??? So overwhelming? Well, it is hard. One of the hardest things you will ever have to do. It is wonderful but still hard. One of the most important jobs in the world, if not THE most important job, yet most of us have not been properly trained. We go to college to learn how to be proper employees but in parenting, the 24/7 job, we aren’t really trained at all. Our training comes from our parents, their trained by theirs and so on and so on.  Most of them probably flying by the seat of their pants.  Not saying they were bad parents, I’m sure they did the best they could or were just so overwhelmed with the severity of raising another human being that they just gave up….which I would like to do on more days that I’d care to admit.
In my early days of child rearing I turned to the internet quite a bit. All the questions I had about pregnancy or babies, I googled. The internet won’t judge you. It won’t make you feel stupid for asking if you can microwave your baby’s milk or not.  It shouldn’t be this way but unfortunately it is. Some women will make you feel stupid, whether they’re trying to or not. So we shy away from asking other mommies questions. Sometimes you don’t have to ask anything….they will tell you everything they know about motherhood. And some women can be so one-size-fits-all for motherhood. We are all different and have different life situations. What works best for one person may not work for another. But I do believe we should be informed about the many different ways and techniques to go about raising children. Children are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why I like looking online and going through mom blogs to see what other women have to say.
The internet isn’t perfect though. It can be overwhelming at times. So, I’d like to help you sift through ALL the information on mothering and put it together in a kind of teaching format. So we aren’t just flying by the seat of our pants while we’re doing “the most important job on the world.” I’m not gonna pretend to be an expert because I’m not.  I would love for you to join me on this journey called life.
Before I get too long winded, because, seriously, who has the time to read a novel in one sitting….I believe that people need to have community. And sometimes, these days, it’s just hard to get that in person. So I’d like to encourage a community of parents that will encourage and teach one another. Because, face it, as awesome as it sounds there is no such thing as “Mom School”. We’re just left to figure it out. So let’s get together and start learning from one another.
Hope to hear from anyone reading. Thanks and God bless!